Facilities and resources

Practice Facilities

NZSM students have access to 14 practice rooms on the Kelburn campus. There is after-hours access available so you can practice whenever it best suits you.

Keyboard Labs

We have keyboard laboratories available to NZSM students for individual practice and independent musicianship training.

Electronic Music and Recording Studios

The Lilburn Studio facility comprises three studios and a teaching and learning audio lab on the Kelburn campus.

Recording Studios

We have recording studios suitable for recording classical music, chamber music and jazz to a professional standard.


NZSM has large and growing range of high quality instruments including period instruments that students may be able to use or borrow. The School is well resourced with pianos, many of which are Steinway grands, including a 2012 Steinway Concert D housed in the Adam Concert Room.


NZSM students can access the libraries of Victoria University.


Information on hiring venues, musicians and instruments.