The New Zealand School of Music hires out rooms to groups, orchestras etc. The rooms available are the Adam Concert Room, seminar rooms and practice rooms.

Hire Rates (GST excl.)

Adam Concert Room:
$125 per hour commercial use, $350 per half day (up to 6 hours), or $700 for a whole day
Seminar/Practice Rooms $60 per hour commercial use, $175 per half-day (up to 6 hours), or $450 for a whole day.

Charitable or community rates may apply — please enquire.

Please download and complete the venue hire application form.

For more information please contact the School of Music
Phone 04 463 5369 or e-mail music@vuw.ac.nz


The School of Music has many talented young musicians and singers who are available to perform at functions. Typical ensembles are:

  • String Duo
  • String Trio
  • String Quartet
  • String/Woodwind combinations: i.e. Flute & Harp or Flute & Violin
  • Harp (solo)
  • Classical guitar
  • Brass ensembles
  • Trumpets (solo) – great for fanfare style introductions to events!
  • Jazz Duo
  • Jazz Trio
  • Jazz Quartets
  • Most solo instruments
  • Singing students can entertain from 5 minutes through to one-and-a-half hours.

We have a Gig Board on which we can post your gig opportunity. Send your details to music@vuw.ac.nz; interested students will get in touch with you directly.

Please note that we do not guarantee that student musicians will be available for your gig. The New Zealand School of Music does not issue contracts, nor is it responsible for contractual negotiations made between clients and musicians. While NZSM expects that students will uphold the highest professional and performance standards, we do not assume responsibility for student misconduct, including cancellations, no-shows, etc.
Please note that NZSM student musicians set their rates individually. A travel fee may apply for events outside of Wellington.

To submit a request for a student performer or ensemble, please provide the following information:

1. Name

2. Company/Organization

3. Email

4. Phone number

5. Mailing address

6. Musicians needed for a onetime event or a recurring event or series

7. Type of event:

a. Wedding Ceremony/reception

b. Party/Dinner Party

c. Business/Corporate Event

d. Fundraiser/Benefit

e. Concert or concert series

f. Other

8. Event location

9. The event will be: indoors/outdoors

10. Musical style or genre desired

a. Classical

b. Jazz

c. Popular

d. Other

11. Musician group size desired

12. Piano availability at event

a. Upright

b. Baby Grand

c. Grand

d. No Piano or Not applicable

e. Not sure

13. Any additional comments, such as specific pieces you will want played, or amount intended to pay for this gig.