Mo H. Zareei's work performed at festival in The Hague

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Released: 24 Jan 2017
Filed under: Composition | Staff

NZSM sonic artist Mo H. Zareei's work was one of just 6 performances at the Modern Body Festival in the Netherlands, selected from a total of over 800 submissions .

The Modern Body Festival is an intermedia initiative in its second year. Mo's work, The Brutalist Noise Ensemble, is an audiovisual performance composed for a series of sound-sculptures, aiming to highlight the potential aesthetics of some normally-ignored aural/visual phenomena of the urban life.

The sound-sculptures are comprised of “non-musical” objects: electromechanical motors, actuators, bits and pieces of metal. By presenting its “non-beautiful” raw material in sculpture forms, the ensemble takes them through an aesthetic transformation inspired by the Brutalist architecture ethos.

Mo says the experience of attending the festival was amazing.

Among the performances I was pretty much the youngest one (there were some well-established artists involved, including Atau Tanaka, a leading expert in Sonic Arts and a professor of media computing at Goldsmiths university of London). The performance itself went really well and was well-received.

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